Spinatknöpfle mit frischen Steinpilzen und Schwarzwälder Schinken
Spinatknöpfle mit frischen Steinpilzen und Schwarzwälder Schinken
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Mini spinach spaetzle with fresh porcini mushrooms and Schwarzwälder Schinken

 Recipe by Ludwig Bechter, Gasthaus Lamm, Bühl

Ingredients (serves 6)

Porcini sauce
100 ml white wine
300 ml poultry stock
300 ml single cream
500 g fresh porcini mushrooms
Salt, pepper, lemon juice

Mini spinach spaetzle
½ onion
1 clove of garlic
50 g butter
5 eggs
350 g poached spinach
500 g spaetzle flour
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
100 g Schwarzwälder Schinken, sliced into thin strips

Porcini sauce
Reduce the white wine almost completely, add the poultry stock and again reduce to a sirupy consistency. Add the cream, bring to a boil and season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
Gently clean and trim the porcini mushrooms, slice them and fry in olive oil and butter. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice and add to cream sauce.

Mini spinach spaetzle
Cut the ham into thin strips.
Wash the spinach and briefly bring to a boil in salted water, then plunge into icy water and squeeze out as much water as possible.
Gently fry the chopped onion and garlic in butter until soft. Purée the eggs, onion, garlic and the spinach in a chopping bowl. Mix with the flour, taking care not to produce too tough a mixture. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Press dough through a spaetzle maker into boiling salted water and boil until cooked through. Remove from the pan with a sieve or colander, drain and arrange in low bowls.
Briefly and gently fry the strips of ham in butter and arrange over the mini spaetzle.
Serve with the porcini sauce.


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