Risotto vom Schwarzwälder Schinken mit weißem Spargel und Spargelschaum
Risotto vom Schwarzwälder Schinken mit weißem Spargel und Spargelschaum
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Risotto of Black Forest Ham (Schwarzwälder Schinken) with white asparagus and asparagus foam


Ingredients (serves 4)

100 g finely sliced Black Forest Ham
200 g risotto
1.2 l strong asparagus stock
300 ml milk
70 ml white wine
3 shallots
20 g parmesan
50 ml cream
300 g asparagus
4 fresh whole eggs
3 tbsp colourless vinegar
sea salt, sugar, lemon
40 g butter

Peel shallots, cut into fine cubes, sweat in with the finely sliced Black Forest Ham until glassy. Add the rice and roast lightly without allowing it to take on any colour. Cut the ends of the peeled asparagus into small pieces as well and add to the risotto. Deglaze with white wine. When the rice has absorbed the wine, pour approximately 1/8 l of the asparagus stock on it. Repeat this procedure until the rice has cooked al dente, which depending upon the type of rice takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

In the meantime blanch the asparagus tips al dente in the asparagus stock on both sides and set aside. Cut the middle parts into fine slices, sweat them until they are glassy with a tablespoon of butter, add sea salt, cover with 400 ml of asparagus stock and boil down by approximately 2/3. Fill the depleted asparagus stock with the milk and the cream, mix vigorously with the hand mixer and simmer.

To make the poached eggs, heat plenty of water in a large pot, add vinegar (without any salt!) and place the eggs individually in a spoon in the water before it boils
(about 70 °C) and poach 4 minutes until soft.

To serve, sauté the asparagus tips briefly in the warm asparagus stock and butter, finish the risotto with parmesan, possibly stock and a piece of cold grated butter and foam up the simmering asparagus stock like a cappuccino. Arrange the risotto with the poached egg, the asparagus tips and the foam in layers.


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